Whitney Mercilus Womens Jersey  Siblings Day Foundation - A nonprofit 501 (c) (3) public charity devoted to siblinghood
is the leading advocate for establishing a day to honor, celebrate and memorialize all brothers and sisters, and the bond that is forever a special gift. By establishing a National Siblings Day, each member of the family unit will finally be recognized: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and now, Siblings Day! Please support this unique initiative with a generous, tax-deductible gift. Simply click on Donate Now! or send a check payabale to Siblings Day Foundation, P.O. Box 85, Grand Central Station, NY, NY 10163. We welcome gifts made in honor or in memory of your siblings!


Contributions will help the establishment of Siblings Day (SD) both nationally and internationally, and will also aid in the growth of current and future programs, described below. These include a Lost Sibling Registry, Sibling 2 Sibling Support Groups, Adopt- A-Sibling Program and the Sibling Rights Project.

Thank you for being a part of our family and for your caring support.

Volunteers are needed too - see below.

Programs and Projects

Current: We are working on the following: 1) Establishing a United Nations resolution for an International Siblings Day; 2) Siblings Day Foundation (SDF) is seeking to obtain a state proclamation in all 50 states. Currently, 49 out of 50 states have issued gubernatorial proclamations. California is the only state without one; and 3) A Social Media campaign including regular tweets, posts and emails encouraging the adoption of National Siblings Day.

In Development: We are in the process of compiling a “National Directory of Sibling Support Organizations and Groups” for general reference within the United States, which will be available on our website and the creation of a resource guide to further pursue our mission of uniting and reuniting siblings.

Planning Phase: Includes 1) Lost Sibling Registry - siblings can do a self-search on predetermined criteria to connect with a sibling; 2) Sibling 2 Sibling Support Groups - many siblings encounter issues which have affected or compromised their relationships with one another. We will seek to promote the creation of support groups through a variety of networks (educational, psychological, community, faith-based) in order to assist siblings in overcoming their differences, issues and situations which may keep them apart; 3) Adopt-A-Sibling Program - we are currently researching, identifying and will proactively disseminate information assisting consenting adults to “adopt” one another as siblings with all ensuing rights and benefits; 4) The Sibling Rights Project - there are many legal rights within the family that currently pertain to parents, their children and spouses but do not extend to siblings. We are researching current regulation within family law to ensure that siblings rights are protected.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We are looking for volunteers to help jumpstart and develop SD programs in your state and community. We rely on the wonderful personal gift of time and talent provided by individuals who offer their knowledge and skills to assist with our mission.

If interested, please contact: info@siblingsday.org or by mail: Siblings Day Foundation PO Box 85 Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163.

Can you assist with any of the following?

1. Residents of California: create and encourage your family, friends and associates to petition your Governor to sign a gubernatorial proclamation in your state on or before April 10th Siblings Day 2018.
2. Begin a Sibling 2 Sibling Support Group in your school, college, faith-based organization, cultural institute or library. Work with a social worker and/or psychologist or faith-based leader to start a Siblings 2 Sibling support group in your community.
3. Assist in the development of the Lost Sibling Registry; Adopt-A-Sibling Program and The Siblings Rights Program.
4. Social Media – Help spread the SD message.
5. Public Relations - Help promote SD to media in your community.

Mission Statement

The initial goal of the Siblings Day Foundation (SDF) is to establish a national day of recognition for brothers and sisters, to be called National Siblings day, held annually on April 10th. Siblings Day follows the spirit of Mother’s and Father’s Day, an uplifting celebration honoring people who have helped in our development and who have shaped our values, beliefs and ideals.

Further the SDF seeks to unite and reunite siblings who may have been separated by distance, by circumstance, by birth and adoption or interpersonal familial issues.

Brief History

Claudia Evart, a native New Yorker, after losing both of her siblings early in life, was inspired to create the Siblings Day Foundation, in honor and tribute to her siblings, and chose April 10th as National Siblings Day, the birthday of her late sister, Lisette.

The SDF is headquartered in Massachusetts, and maintains offices in New York City, South Carolina and Virginia. Incorporated in Massachusetts in 1997, the SDF became a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization in January, 1999.
Over the years, we have been working to establish and promote the concept of National Siblings Day (NSD). We have been recognized by three US Presidents (Clinton, 2000), (Bush, 2008) and (Obama, 2016), have received gubernatorial proclamations from 49 states, and recognition from many other elected officials including Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney, NYC Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg et al. Celebrity supporters include Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, the Kardashians, Cindy Crawford, the Olsen sisters and more. NSD has been celebrated at educational and cultural institutions (universities, colleges, children’s museums) and dozens of other public and private organizations across the country – and most importantly, by America’s siblings. Worldwide media outlets have published stories about Siblings Day, via blogs, TV and radio broadcasts. Since 2013, NSD has had an overwhelming response via social media, and has gone viral, trending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Tumblr!.

For more information, please see our Timeline.

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