2020 · SDF partners with Columbia School of Social Work launching one of four of its programs called Sibling2Sibling Support Group,
an interactive webinar series.

2019 · Sixth Congressional Record issued in support of a National Siblings Day by Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney.

2019 · Work continues for UN resolution for International Siblings Day.

2019 · More and more countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and United Kingdom continue or have begun to celebrate Siblings Day.

2018 · To help enhance and strengthen the siblings bond, the SDF announced programs and projects posted on our website. They include:
1) Lost Siblings Registry; 2) Siblings 2 Siblings Support Groups; 3) Adopt-A-Siblings Program; and 4) Siblings Rights Project.

2018 · The scientific community became more actively engaged in examining and incorporating the importance of the study of siblings into
family research. In 2018 studies have been conducted by National Institute of Health (NIH) and University of San Francisco.

2017 · Celebrity blogs blossomed, YouTube videos populated, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter posts dominate social media.

2017 · Three siblings graduate West Point together, couple adopts 7 brothers and sisters from foster care and People.com posts cute
animal siblings on Siblings Day.

2017 · On Siblings Day, Apr 10, multiple GRAMMY-nominated trio, Hanson brothers discussed their successful brotherly bond and in April
a tribute was made to Bee Gees brothers, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.

2017 · Birth order articles and successful siblings businesses are prominently posted on SD.
More and more colleges and universities celebrate SD.

2017 · In Canada, just in time for Siblings Day, extra Canadian Immigration Points are given to candidates who have permanent
siblings in Canada, making it easier for them to become Canadian citizens.

2017 · Siblings Day is now in the U.K.’s Awareness Day calendar urging people to celebrate their siblings on April 10th Siblings Day.

2016 · President Barack Obama signs Presidential Message recognizing April 10 as SD.

2016 · National Siblings Day is ranked Number 2 in the top 20 most searched events in the U.S. on April 11, according to CNN Int’l.

2016 · Several calendar websites list SD for the first time, including Days of the Year, National Day Calendar, and Time and Date.

2015 · SD Founder Claudia Evart and volunteer attend the Twins Days Festival, the 40th Annual, held in Twinsburg, Ohio.

2015 · SD is a top trending topic on social media on April 10 and 11 and goes viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,
Google+ and Tumblr.

2015 · The SDF launches a campaign that seeks to get a United Nations Resolution for SD.

2014 · SD is now officially recognized in 49 states since Gubernatorial Proclamations have been issued in them that declare April 10
as their state.

2014 · During six days in April (April 5 to 7) and (April 9 to 11) SD inspires over two million visitors to click on the SDF web site.

2013 · SD is celebrated for the first time in Canada, Philippines, and Nigeria with the help of the worldwide web.

2013 · SD website get almost 1.5 million visitors (average 44,000 hits a day) in April.

2013 · Facebook declares April 10 as National Siblings Day.

2013 · Information about SD is posted on Wikipedia for first time.

2013 · SD is a hot topic on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (more than 300,000 video submissions) and Instagram (almost 1 million
tags posted).

2013 · Information about SD is posted on Wikipedia for first time.

2012 · “Happy National Siblings Day” is a hot topic on Twitter and goes viral on YouTube on April 10 &11.

2012 · SD gets lots of media attention on April 10 and 11. Coverage includes: International Business Times and other news outlets,
YouTube’s global blog, and various celebrity blogs.

2011 · Representatives from the SDF attend the National Governors Association Summer Meeting.

2011 · Seattle Children’s Museum, hosts an all-day celebration of SD.

2010 · With several volunteers, SD Founder Claudia Evart attends and speaks at a SD celebration held at New York City’s Bronx Zoo.
The celebration is held simultaneously at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

2009 · In New York City, Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer issues the first of five consecutive annual SD proclamations.

2008 · President George Bush signs a Presidential Message recognizing April 10 as SD.

2008 · SDF Founder Claudia Evart and a chief advisor attend Mother’s Day Centennial Celebration at Mother’s Day Shrine, Grafton,
West Virginia, and meet West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, III.

2007 · SD is given a Service Mark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

2003 · The SDF partners with “1-800-Flowers.com”, which provides gifts for all occasions and holidays.

2002 · New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg issues first of eight Mayoral Messages in support of SD.

2001 · New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani issues a Mayoral Message in support of SD.

2000 · President Bill Clinton signs Presidential Message recognizing April 10 as SD.

2000 · SDF office opens in NYC and in subsequent years SC and VA.

1999 · The SDF obtains non-profit status. It is a qualified public charity and is entirely a volunteer organization.

1997 · The Siblings Day Foundation (SDF) is incorporated in MA.

1997 · SD Founder Claudia Evart is interviewed on Voice of America’s (VOA) Talk to America Show, a talk radio and TV show
in Washington and five more times in subsequent years.

1997 · The Congressional Record publishes the first of six Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney’s recommendations for the
establishment of a SD.

1995 · Siblings Day (SD) begins.